Friday, 25 August 2017

Addressing Multiple Injuries

Because biokinetics involves looking at the entire body and the way in which it moves, biokineticists are able to assess and rehabilitate more than one injury at a time. Often two injuries may even be linked and it is then useful to rehabilitate them together anyway. This is one of the main differences between biokinetics and physiotherapy, a common question among the general public.

Physiotherapists treat symptoms, providing immediate relief by use of massage, heat, cold and various other techniques. Biokineticists look at the entire body to establish what is causing the problem in the first place, such as imbalances in muscle strength and flexibility. Appropriate exercises are then prescribed to try and correct these imbalances so that hopefully the injury does not keep recurring. It is, therefore, a slower process and changes are often only noticed after six weeks of regular rehabilitative exercise. However, it is hopefully a long-term solution.

It is for this reason that biokineticists can rehabilitate multiple injuries at the same time and, often, it is easier to do so. For example, one may have tendinitis in the ankle and also complain of knee pain in the opposite leg. There is a very good chance that the knee pain is as a result of overcompensation for the pain in the opposite ankle. Or, one might experience pain in the knee of the same leg as the ankle, again due to compensation. If there is a sore or weak point somewhere in the body, chances are very good that somewhere else, something will be compensating for that weakness, which may lead to further pain or injury.

This is also why it is so important to complete a rehabilitation programme. Until the injury is completely rehabilitated, meaning there is no longer an imbalance in muscle strength or flexibility, the injury may recur or other problems may arise due to compensation.

So, biokinetics may be a long process, but if you follow the programme you are given properly and to the end, it can be very successful and you may be tackling two birds with one stone. The knowledge you will gain regarding body awareness and technique will also stand you in good stead for the future in terms of your physical functioning.

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